Meet NTSOA’s Advanced Cancer Surgery and General Surgery Specialists

At North Texas Surgical Oncology Associates, our surgeons — Thomas E. Le Voyer, MD and Fred S. Lee, MD — are board-certified in general surgery, fellowship-trained in surgical oncology, and experienced in both. They’re also both experienced in trauma surgery, having served in combat deployments. With nearly 50 years’ experience between them, our surgeons today provide the complete range of general and oncologic surgical capability, along with leading-edge procedures, extreme skill and complete dedication to your best interests.


Meet our well-trained, highly experienced surgeons…

Headshot of Thomas E. Le Voyer, MD against dark blue background

Thomas E. Le Voyer, MD, FACS

General & Oncologic Surgeon

Headshot of Fred S. Lee, MD against dark blue background

Fred S. Lee, MD

Thoracic Surgeon

Headshot of M. Umar Butt

M. Umar Butt, MD

General & Oncologic Surgeon


To schedule an appointment with one of NTSOA’s experienced cancer/general surgeons, call 972-696-0030. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.