Trust Pioneering Surgeons at the Forefront of Advanced, Complex Surgery

When it comes to surgery, whether for cancer or other conditions, your treatment outcomes depend on the skill and capabilities of the surgeon you trust with your care. That’s why, at NTSOA, we’ve built our reputation for surgical excellence around an unwavering commitment to being at the leading edge of our field. In fact, we’ve helped pioneer new developments in cancer and general surgery here in North Texas and, along the way, have developed the expertise to handle even the most complex surgical challenges.

A reputation and record for innovating general and cancer surgery.

With combat and trauma surgery in their backgrounds, Drs. Le Voyer and Lee and are highly experienced in taking on surgeries that demand quick thinking, the ability to adapt to changes in the surgical situation, and a superior level of skill. As a result, they are the go-to surgeons for many physicians and patients with tough cases.

In addition to their skill and experience with a large number of situations, our surgeons have always been dedicated to staying at the forefront of their field. As a result, they have introduced new procedures to North Texas, including:

  • The LINX procedure for GERDNTSOA is the first surgical group in North Texas to offer and perform this state-of-the-art procedure, which has the highest rates of success and the minimum disturbance of anatomy of any anti-reflux procedure. In addition, the LINX procedure is the only GERD-repair surgery that is completely reversible.
  • The NanoKnife treatment for pancreatic and liver surgeryNTSOA’s surgeons are also the first in North Texas to use the leading-edge NanoKnife to destroy tumors using electrical current.
  • Robotics-assisted surgeriesOur surgeons use today’s most advanced, minimally invasive techniques, from laparoscopy to robotics-assisted surgeries, including procedures other surgeons don’t perform. NTSOA surgeons were among the first in the country to use the new table motion technology for robotic surgery.

When you need surgery, you need the skill and expertise of a surgical team that can handle any challenge. To schedule an appointment with one of the innovative surgeons at NTSOA, call 972-696-0030. You may also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.