Coordinating and Collaborating for Your Best Care and Outcomes

Continuity of care is a common and important topic in healthcare. That’s because it’s vital to the success of your care and to the status of your health and the quality and duration of your life.

Continuity of care: making sure you get everything you need.

Simply put, continuity of care has to do with the quality, consistency and efficacy of your medical care over time. In the care of your health, many different medical professionals are likely to be involved, and you can count on it if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition, which of course includes cancer.

As surgical specialists, we never forget that we are part of a larger team of doctors, all of whom should be dedicated to your best interests and optimal health. But more than just dedicated, all of the doctors involved in your care need to be “on the same page.” In truth, “team” is the right word. Is your medical team communicating? Are all the players working for the same goal? Are they informed? Do they know their individual parts to play in your overall care?

Working as part of a larger team committed to your best interests.

At NTSOA, Drs. Le Voyer and Lee understand the importance of coordination and cooperation in your overall care, whether you come to us for general surgery, anti-reflux surgery or cancer surgery.

As cancer surgical oncologists, we see our role as one of coordinating the management of your care as it relates to surgery. To put it another way, we believe it is our responsibility to cooperate openly, honestly and actively as part of your overall cancer team. But at the same time, we see ourselves as having a duty to take over the coordination of your care and ensuring all your needs are met if that coordination isn’t already being handled.

While this is much greater involvement in your continuity of care than is common among surgeons, we have no doubt that it is necessary… and the right way for us to achieve our goal of offering you the highest-quality care.

How we ensure the continuity of your care.

Here are some of the ways we participate in and coordinate your care for the best possible outcomes:

  • Follow-up with referring providers and send patients back to them (if and when relevant)
  • Schedule patients’ tests, scans and follow-up appointments with other doctors
  • Reach out to patients who don’t seem to be keeping up with their care
  • Refer patients to the appropriate physician or specialist, even for diagnoses we don’t handle
  • Never let patients struggle on their own to find and access the care they need
  • Handle all necessary workups for patients who’ve had none or only partial diagnostic tests


For answers to specific questions about how we coordinate with your other doctors, or to schedule an appointment, call 972-696-0030. Or request an appointment using our easy online form.