North Texas’ Advanced, Experienced and Dedicated Surgical Team

Surgery is an essential part of good medicine. It’s also an ultimate expression of what medicine is about: fixing what is wrong. With surgery, the specialist physician directly intervenes in order to repair problems, remove disease or make a correction that improves the health and quality of life of the patient.

At North Texas Surgical Oncology Associates, this is what we are about. Our two-surgeon team is built on a shared goal of — and unwavering commitment to — intervening with skill and experience to make a difference in your life, health and well-being.

Leading-edge surgeons providing state-of-the-art general and cancer surgery.

Our physicians, Thomas E. Le Voyer, MD and Fred S. Lee, MD, are both highly skilled surgeons with advanced capabilities honed over 45 years of combined surgical experience, including trauma combat surgery. Both doctors are board-certified in surgery and fellowship-trained in the subspecialty of cancer surgery.

Just as importantly, they are compassionate people who are dedicated to the very highest standards of care and to offering capabilities and procedures from the forefront of modern surgical care. Whether for general surgeries or the often heightened challenges of cancer surgery, Drs. Le Voyer and Lee are uncommonly thorough and detailed because it’s fundamental to getting the excellent surgical outcomes you deserve.

At the same time, your results depend on getting the most advanced care possible, including state-of-the-art techniques and technology, the ability to handle the most complex cases, and operating privileges at some of the best hospitals in North Texas. At NTSOA, we perform some of today’s most sophisticated surgical procedures, including operations other surgeons can’t or won’t take on.

The compassion, commitment and continuity of care behind great outcomes.

Everything we do is about getting the best possible surgical outcomes. As a team, Drs. Le Voyer and Lee collaborate together, sharing experiences and working in partnership to overcome any challenge. But they also emphasize collaboration and interaction with other physicians, from referring doctors to the other specialists who are often involved in people’s medical conditions. This includes open communication and interaction with medical and radiation oncologists, other surgeons and specialists of all types, because we know that seamless continuity of care is vital to your treatment, recovery and return to the life you love.

At NTSOA, we spend ample time to make sure that all your questions are answered, and that you understand every aspect of your care. And of course we take pride in always doing what is right, best and most effective for you.

To learn more about NTSOA, or to schedule an appointment, call 972-696-0030. You’re also welcome to request an appointment using our easy online form.