Compassionate, dedicated and innovative care in pursuit of best possible outcomes.

When you need surgery, whether it’s specifically to treat cancer or to treat other surgical issues, the surgeon you choose matters. At North Texas Surgical Oncology Associates (NTSOA), we understand that the best outcomes depend on the skill, capabilities, knowledge, experience and commitment of your surgical team. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for both cancer surgery and general surgery.

We combine compassion and unwavering commitment to your needs with truly state-of-the-art surgical capabilities and know-how, including performing procedures offered few other places in North Texas. In addition, we are uncommonly thorough and detailed, affiliated with top hospitals, and able to handle even the most complex surgical cases. Because you deserve nothing less.

Trust well-trained, highly experienced general, thoracic and oncologic surgeons.

NTSOA’s highly skilled general, thoracic and oncologic surgeons bring top-level expertise and nearly 50 years of combined experience to your care. Thomas E. Le Voyer, MD, M. Umar Butt, MD and Fred S. Lee, MD are known today as top-quality specialists capable of handling even the most challenging cases. Dr. Lee is fellowship-trained in advanced Thoracic Surgery. Dr. Le Voyer and Dr. Butt have a background in trauma surgery. This, combined with advanced fellowship training in cancer surgery, means our surgeons provide the full spectrum of surgical care backed by the leading-edge capabilities and expertise you can depend on for excellent outcomes.

Cancer surgery: Primary treatment requiring advanced skill.

Surgery is an important treatment for cancer, and often the first treatment for many people with cancer. It can be used to remove tumors as part of an overall plan to cure cancer. Surgery is also often used to relieve pain and improve quality of life for cancer patients.

Cancer surgery is always important and often varied, complex and challenging. NTSOA surgeons meet these challenges with the vast experience and state-of-the-art capabilities trusted by patients and doctors throughout North Texas.

Leading-edge surgical treatment for:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Liver & pancreatic tumors
  • Thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal tumors
  • Melanoma (skin cancers)
  • Sarcomas
  • Esophageal & stomach cancers
  • Colon & rectal cancer
  • Retroperitoneal & extremity sarcomas
  • Inherited cancer syndromes

Even if it isn’t cancer, get leading-edge surgical capability.

At NTSOA, Dr. Le Voyer, Dr. Butt and Dr. Lee bring the same skill, compassion and attention to detail to general and thoracic surgical procedures as they do to cancer surgeries. All three have a special interest in minimally invasive and robotic surgery to provide patients with smaller incisions, less pain and a quicker recovery. Dr. Le Voyer’s experience includes performing surgeries in and out of combat for the military and both Dr. Butt and Dr. Le Voyer have years of experience in trauma. As a result, they’ve been exposed to all sorts of high-pressure, high-stakes surgical challenges. The surgeons at NTSOA are well known for their commitment to and record for excellent surgical outcomes for…

  • Anti-reflux (GERD) surgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Gallbladder removal
  • Hernia repair
  • Diaphragm paralysis
  • Tracheal stenosis
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Colon & rectal procedures
  • Breast Surgery
  • Thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery
  • Pancreatic surgery

GERD: Get relief and protect your health with advanced treatment.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is more than just heartburn. GERD is when stomach acid flows back up (refluxes) into the esophagus chronically. If left untreated, it can lead to Barrett’s esophagus, a condition that destroys the esophagus’ lining and can lead to esophageal cancer. Medications to reduce symptoms do not fix the reflux itself. At NTSOA, our skilled, experienced surgeons perform all modern reflux surgeries, from Nissen and Toupet fundoplications to the new LINX procedure, which has the highest rates of success and minimal disturbance of anatomy.

Innovating surgery for optimal care and outcomes.

To ensure you get the best possible outcomes, our surgeons use today’s most advanced, minimally invasive techniques and leading-edge technology. In fact, Le Voyer is an innovator and pioneer of surgery in North Texas. We were the first practice in the region to perform the LINX procedure for reflux and to use state-of-the-art NanoKnife for pancreatic surgery. We are one of the few practices in Texas that perform Robotics/minimally invasive highly complex gastrointestinal surgery. Overall, we've trailblazed the use of several sophisticated surgeries in our area… with the high degree of competence and experience doctors and patients count on.

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Dedicated to collaboration and ensuring excellent continuity of care.

As surgeons, we are an important part of your overall medical team, dedicated to the quality and continuity of your care. We work with your other doctors — oncologists, gastroenterologists, nephrologists, primary care physicians, etc. — to provide the best possible surgical outcomes...and then to get you back into their care. Realizing that it is a stressful time for anyone, our goal is to make coordination of your care as least burdensome on you as possible.

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